Who we are

We are a Danish company specializing in innovative perimeter security solutions. We emphasize high quality and the importance of reliability. Our research and development has culminated in a unique and revolutionary product called RubberGuard.

This product replaces the metal conductors of a security electric fence with an aesthetically pleasing rubber material. The result is a more effective perimeter intrusion deterrence and detection system, providing a deterrent without damaging the building or the fence.

Our product

PinaldoGuard Barrier is a low maintenance and eco-friendly semi conductive rubber material, which - combined with an electric fence energizer - forms a barrier to deter, detect and delay intruders.

PinaldoGuard can be customized to fit various perimeter fence types and is available in Wire or Barrier.

Our Electric Security Products

Pinaldo Guard Barrier

Can be installed vertically or horizontally to provide an effective physical barrier

Pinaldo Guard Wire

An electrically conductive rubber wire with a core of ultra-thin tinned copper threads

Main advantages

                               COST EFFECTIVE                    Low price,

                                                                                            Low maintenance costs,

                                                                                            Fully integrable with existing installations

                                  HIGH SECURTIY                      Cannot be short-circuited

                                                                                            Integrates with alarm systems

                                                                                            Gives a controlled non-lethal electrical shock that  

                                                                                            will deter, delay or deny an intruder.

                                  AESTHETIC                           No negative impact on buildings or surroundings      



Henrik Færch



Diplomatic Facility Security Manager,


"A brilliant example of a physical security measure that gets the primary job done and at the same time does not make the protected facility look like a military base - an important feature not only for aesthetic reasons but also because our behaviour and perception is affected by how our surroundings present themselves. Job well done !"

Interested in our security products?

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