For Fences and Walls

How PinaldoGuard Electric Barriers Work

The PinaldoGuard electric barrier system consists of rubber plates carrying high voltage electric pulses that can be mounted on walls and fences to deter, detect and defeat intruders.

It provides a non-lethal shock to any intruder, and the electric pulse is variable to your needs and local legislation.

Tampering with the barrier results in activation of an alarm that can be transmitted to security personnel through an online or offline system. PinaldoGuard can be integrated with existing perimeter security systems as well as video surveillance.

The electric PinaldoGuard Barrier can be installed vertically or horizontally to provide an effective physical barrier that prevents intruders from climbing over or crawling underneath.

Today, razor wire and electric fences are widely used to protect private housing, estates, farms, industrial complexes, factories, warehouses, military and government installations, oil and gas facilities, harbors and airports. The downsides of both razor wire and electric fences are well known to security professionals. Intruders can cut or cover the razor wires and the electric fence can be short-circuited and then cut.

PinaldoGuard electric barrier cannot be short-circuited and is almost impossible to cut due to its thick material. With a 5 year warranty and an aesthetically pleasing design, RubberGuard not only offers you assurance and a low profile, but above all: effectiveness.

Traditional Methods

The traditional method for perimeter security is to use razor wire or common electric fencing. Both are widely used to protect private houses, estates, farms, industrial complexes, factories, warehouses, military and government installations, oil and gas facilities, telecom towers, harbours and airports. Security professionals are well aware of the shortcomings of these two conventional methods. One being that the intruder can cut or cover the razor wire and the electrical fence can be  short-circuited and then cut. By comparison, PinaldoGuard Security Products are much more effective in preventing breaches and intrusion attempts, and are easy to install.

The New Solution

PinaldoGuard Conductive Barrier is a rugged strip of heavy duty rubber that conducts electricity. It provides a controlled, non-lethal electric shock to intruders. More aesthetic, resilient and proactive than razor wire, PinaldoGuard Conductive Barrier is easily installed, tamper and short circuit proof, and can be integrated into alarm and monitoring systems. The long lasting, reusable rubber mats are best deployed on top of fences, rails and walls, inside culverts & wet environments, and around doors to secure storage areas.

PinaldoGuard Barrier can be deployed to protect against attack on a perimeter.

These pictures show examples of PinaldoGuard Barrier – here used for securing an embassy and a military compound.

Can You Spot the Perimeter Security Measure?

The PinaldoGuard barrier was developed as a cost-effective perimeter solution for perimeter walls. It is usually installed horizontally, as on this picture from  an embassy in Damascus, Syria, but it ca also be installed vertically against a wall. Most conventional solutions for protection of walled perimeters are not very nice to look at, just think of, electric wires, razor wire, spikes or even broken glass. Many of these solutions are not very effective either and most of them do not allow for detection/monitoring. The PinaldoGuard barrier is a very esthetic solution, which for many customers is an important feature. This was, along with simple and reliable technology, one of the most important reasons for a diplomatic client  to choose PinaldoGuard for a perimeter solution. After installation, the client painted the PinaldoGuard barrier for an even more non-obtrusive look.