For Fences

PinaldoGuard Conductive Wire is an electrically conductive rubber wire with a core of ultra-thin, tinned copper threads that can be attached to fences and gates to deter, detect and defend against intruders.

 What is PinaldoGuard Wire


Stable tension

The voltage loss is minimal, even over long distances, regardless of whether there is vegetation around the wire.

Minimal maintenance and long life

The fence is wind, weather and UV resistant and works from -30gr. to + 80gr. The service life has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute for min. 20 years.

Easy to mount

RubberGuard Wire can be mounted on existing wire holders and it can be easily rolled up and reused

Does not short-circuit

The unique invention of conductive rubber with copper wires makes the fence unaffected by wind, weather and water.

Environmentally friendly

RubberGuard Wire does not rust or emit metals to the environment.


RubberGuard Wire can not harm animals, unlike traditional fencing wire.

PinaldoGuard products have been extensively tested by professional research teams, including the Danish Institute of Technology.

For more info on PinaldoGuard Wire please visit rubberguardfencing.dk